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Dawn of the Anthropocene

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We live at a time of extraordinary opportunity to be welcomed and not feared. Few generations are granted the chance to change the course of civilization; nearly all are entrapped to travel a well-established path along which the future is let happen rather than created. Not so for current generations who must quickly depart from the past. In doing so, all will enjoy the rare opportunity to use more powerfully than ever before the two characteristics that most distinguish humans from all else that lives: our unlimited creativity and our sense of moral purpose.

Dawn of the Anthropocene explores the issues of building a sustainable future from the perspective of a scientist versed in not only the problems, but also the potential solutions, all framed in view of meeting humanity's needs. Leveraging the extensive literature, this well-documented book will not only inform, but lift you towards the positive potential of a sustainable future.

ISBN 978-0-922152-91-9.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review